International Reapers Foundation, Inc.
Purpose of Vision
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Bernie's Column

Purpose of Vision

International Reapers Foundation, Inc. was founded in 1966 by Atty. Bernard P. Reese, Jr. for the purpose of ministering to indigenous Christian workers. International Reapers' vision is to assist international and indigenous servants in ministry, to reach the lost for Christ and live out Biblical truths by providing a network of resources.These resources would be both tangible and intangible, and would be available on a world-wide basis to help the servant further accomplish thier goals of ministry in their country.

This vision is being fulfilled by the staff ministering both locally and internationally in counseling, training centers, consulting, conference settings, and providing for the net-working of various organizations to support one another to further accomplish reaching the lost for Christ. These ministries will multiply their impact through the combined efforts of working together. The purpose will be to help compliment and not to compete.

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