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This is the article that was in the IBLP (Institute in Biblical Life Principles) (Bill Gothard's) May/June newsletter.

THE POWER OF HEALING WHEN STRESS IS RESOLVED When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, there is usually instant fear. However, when it is pancreatic cancer in the fourth stage, there is a sense of hopelessness. Not so for Lee Reese. She knew the power of God for healing. So when the doctor leaned forward and said, "Honey, just enjoy every day you can with your husband," she smiled and said, "We've been married for sixty years and that is what we have done." The doctors had given her only two to three months to live. Bernie and Lee called Headquarters and asked to be anointed for further ministry according to James 5:14-16., When Bernie and Lee arrived last November, Lee looked very sick with the yellow hue of jaundice. Before she was anointed, she affirmed her belief that God's healing power would enable her to continue her ministry in reaching the lost for Christ. After the anointing, the symptoms cleared up and she had a sense of well-being. Seven months later, Lee went back for a checkup. The doctor and nurse were stunned that she was still alive. In disbelief, the doctor ordered a blood test, and they exclaimed it was absolutely perfect. Lee is now rejoicing in her health and strength and would love to share her story with others. Her phone number is 1-815-623-2960 or you could email her at

This is the report from the doctor's recorded notes. "Mrs. Reese is here for scheduled follow-up of Hyperlipidemia. Osteoporosis, pancreastic mass, carfotid arftery plaque. The status of these problems are stable and unchanged since last followup. office visit except as noted below. "Hyperlipidemia, chronic, last labs were very elevated but was also having jaundice and hyperbilirubinernia. Ospeoporosis - chronic. "Pancreatic mass - diagnosed with pancreatic C about 1 year ago. She did not believe diagnosis and there was no pathology confirmation. She feels great. No jaundice, no pain. Normal stools. She is losing weight (should have said 'lost'). Good appetite. She has strong faith in God and believes she is cured. (Should have said healed.) She has refused ultrasound." She also said that the medical profession has no answer for this report. Would like to see me (if I'm around) in another 6 months. Of course, I'll be around. God is not finished with me yet and has work for Bernie and me to do.

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